We worked with Linsay on several projects across the Sturrock & Robson Group, which included mentoring high potential talent, planning new brand and marketing strategies, and general advisory and establishment of a marketing role in a high-tech company. All of these experiences underlined Linsay’s deep commitment to the people and projects she’s working with, and her drive to deliver true, measurable value during the course of her engagement.

Even if hired as an advisor, Linsay will often roll her sleeves up offering practical solutions, activate her network for the search of support, or assume an active role in presenting to senior management. She is tuned into the wider business issues, is always interested in the commercials, and is very flexible in her engagement – not to mention that she’s highly professional but fun and easy to interact with! I look forward to continue working with her on future projects.

Moritz Bolle

Non-Executive Director, Sturrock & Robson Group

Your Allies marketing advisor

I chose Your Allies because I immediately felt I could trust them. With respect and honesty, they told me exactly what was needed.

Elliot Howard

Chief Sales Officer, ITRS Group

"Linsay has stepped in to fill various strategic marketing gaps in our business. Through her support, and Your Allies’ network, we had expertise we could rely on – a driving force keeping us on track, and aligning our sales and marketing team. From marketing planning and forecasting, to leadgen, supplier management and driving content marketing forward – she’s built our marketing up, and at pace too. She felt like one of us, having our best interests at heart and becoming an ally to our sales director. Our Your Allies experience has been a delight and one which has built us firm foundations for future success."

Jonathan Lakin

CEO, Intent HQ

Jonathan Lakin on working with your Allies

I chose Your Allies when we urgently required additional senior marketing support. We needed a sounding board for our marketing strategy and targeted mentoring for a team member in development.

Working with Your Allies was an absolute pleasure. The marketing support they offered was flexible, timely, collaborative, and incredibly valuable.

Linsay took the time to understand our situation and customised the advice and support to precisely meet our needs. Working with Your Allies brought the team a fresh perspective and some great best practice advice from outside of our sector.

We wholeheartedly recommend Your Allies to any business seeking a dependable and results-driven marketing partner. Their expertise, energy, and passion for what they do are evident in every aspect of their work.

Daniel Morgan

CMO, Hemsley Fraser

"A force for good, an enthusiastic addition to our team and an inspiring mentor for the marketing team. Linsay delivered value for us in an external Director role with a specialism in marketing and sales alignment. She has a particular skill for mentoring mid-level managers and providing boards with executive updates especially in the areas of strategic direction. In her 12 months with us, she showed us the power of having a Marketing Director and graciously helped us with hiring a full-time successor."

Richard Metcalfe

CEO and Founder, Arkk Solutions

We’ve been working with Linsay for 2 years now and during that time she’s been the marketing powerhouse for our company. The level of support we get from her is incredible and the most valuable thing is she is part of the team, integrating in a natural way in order to bring out the best content marketing from across the team. Expert led and caring, I’d recommend Your Allies to anyone looking for a solid B2B marketing boost.

Dave Dunlop

Partner & Chief Design Officer, ELSE

Testimonial onLinsay Duncan B2B marketing mentor

Linsay is everything you would hope for in a mentor/coach. Before starting, Linsay took the time to understand our company objectives and meet key stakeholders in the business which gave her the full context needed add value right from the get-go. Throughout my sessions with Linsay this year she has encouraged me to grow both as a leader and a marketer; supported me through challenges and hurdles and kept me on track with critical plans. I leave each session with renewed confidence and motivation. Anyone who has the opportunity to work with Linsay in this capacity is extremely lucky.

Rachel James

Marketing Director, Applaud HR

As well as making me think about my legal practice and how to market it (and me) more effectively, Linsay has patiently and clearly shown me the huge benefits of using forms of social media , particularly LinkedIn. And it has worked.

Nick Gould

Partner, Aria Grace Law

Nick Gould on working withe Your Allies

"Time with Linsay is always valuable. She’s incredibly focused and knows how to get the best from everyone she works with. A great listener, very open and insightful, Linsay has helped me in setting clear targets and in identifying opportunities to grow and develop. Specifically, that’s been around communication and leadership skills, while always introducing me to new perspectives from her own experience."

Oliver Marshall

Head of Strategy, The Marketing Practice

"I’ve picked up habits to maximise my sales effort that will last a lifetime. Knowing how LinkedIn can fit into my sales approach, and having social selling in my sales toolkit is a massive plus. The 121s with my Your Allies coach helped me to understand where to best focus my time and efforts on LinkedIn."

Paul Barden

Workplace solutions specialist, Lyreco

LinkedIn and social selling testimonial

"Having worked with Your Allies for one year, I would happily recommend their services to any business wishing to gain strategic guidance and direction in marketing, business analysis or excellent mentoring.

Your Allies helped the company create a marketing plan which included targeting, budgeting, initiatives and reporting for future strategy.

Linsay and Jaeson are great at what they do, are responsive, supportive and I can confidently say, you will learn a lot from them."

Chloe White

Content Marketing Manager, We Are Conker

Your Allies client quote

"Linsay has a wealth of experience as a Marketing Director and has elevated the role of Marketing at Arkk Solutions with her professional attitude and results-driven concepts. She has a very organised approach to campaign launches and management, which coupled with her previous experience of working with SMEs, has helped me develop and run more successful campaigns.

Her expertise as a Director means that in addition to supporting me with marketing activities, she also has a wider view of how marketing sits within the business. I’ve benefited enormously from her resources and knowledge about putting together a high-level overarching strategy for marketing which aligns with Arkk’s business’ goals.

In addition to her marketing expertise, Linsay is also driven to integrate with the wider business. Communication between Sales, Marketing and Product have thrived since Linsay’s arrival. She is always prepared to brief all parties on upcoming campaigns, and to ensure that senior members of other teams have the opportunity to share their suggestions.

Linsay was keen from day one to get a full understanding of our business, and I’ve yet to work with another marketing professional who took such an in-depth view across our product range and the needs of the business as a whole. Over the course of working with Linsay, this became invaluable as priorities for SME’s are prone to change, and she was always ready to share her knowledge for new challenges.

From a mentoring perspective, Linsay’s insights and approach have been extremely valuable. The perfect balance of leadership and support, I can easily say that I am a more confidence marketeer and manager after working with her. She’s an open and enthusiastic person, making her ideal to share (and solve) challenges with, as well as someone who champions her team. On top of this, Linsay is highly approachable and a pleasure to work with.

Linsay is both goal-orientated and keen to grow marketeers as professionals, which means that myself and Arkk as a business have benefited greatly from her mentoring and leadership."

Daphne Ash

Marketing Manager, Arkk Solutions

"Your Allies was a valuable addition to keep Intent HQ’s Marketing function running smoothly. Linsay bridged the communications between Marketing operations and the leadership team, and empowered me to lead projects independently. As a mentor, I found Linsay to be super reliable, always ready to jump on a quick call on a moment’s notice to steer me into the right direction."

Sarah Suhaimi

Marketing Campaigns Manager, Intent HQ

Sarah Suhaimi on working with Your Allies

"This accelerator really helped me know where to best focus my time and efforts on LinkedIn. It made me understand how to apply LinkedIn for cross- and upselling within existing client accounts. Getting to people within companies I wouldn’t otherwise have been able to engage with."

Dean Pirie

Business Development Manager, Lyreco

LinkedIn and social selling accelerator testimonial

"We were looking for outside marketing expertise to help us launch a new product into the UK. Your Allies came into take care of everything, from planning and messaging, to collateral and online presence, campaigns and PR. They ensured we moved swiftly, with the added benefit of being able to use our in-house marketing resource and bring in their own specialists to get things done. They were very good business partners and quickly became a resource we knew we could rely on."

Cagatay Kibriscikli

Managing Director

Your Allies testimonial

"Previously I’d been cautious in my approach to LinkedIn networking. My Your Allies coach guided me through LinkedIn and Sales Navigator until I got the hang of it myself. I now make it part of my day-to-day and the results continue to pay off."

Marta Dzitowska

Office solutions specialist, Lyreco

LinkedIn and social selling testimonial